HERO: courageous, inspiring and admired. These words remind me of my sister, Shanda. Sadly, she lost her baby, “ Ireland ,” yet she courageously serves families in need. She is inspiring to her community for developing “Kicking Up Kindness” and London 's Ride for Cancer programs. She is also admired by me!


I believe that everyone can be a super hero in their own way, just by contributing to their community and making themselves a better person. My personal super hero is Melissa Oliver with Colorado 4-H Extension, because she inspires so many kids to work harder and be contributors to their communities.



A Hero: someone who shows great strength, ability and courage, regardless of the circumstances. It could be the single mother working two jobs, the woman who battled breast, brain and spinal cancer, the child suffering from cerebral palsies or the soldiers fighting for our freedom. Those are my heroes.


It takes a special person to be called a “Super Hero.” I'm not referring to those in comic books who possess super-natural powers, but to the people who are in everyday life; someone who encourages and gives you support. A super hero can be your parents, a teacher or even your best friend. My super hero is my brother, Greg. He knows how to make me laugh and is always supporting and encouraging me. I love him very much and I'm proud to call him my “Super Hero!”

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