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The title of Miss Rodeo Arizona is a year-long job; the titleholder signs a contract and has duties to fulfill. Representing Arizona and Professional Rodeo is a huge financial undertaking. From large items like travel expenses and clothing costs to smaller ones like bobby pins and boot shines, the titleholder and her family are responsible for all her expenses! Without dedicated financial support from businesses throughout Arizona , it would not be possible for Miss Rodeo Arizona to fulfill her basic responsibilities... let alone compete for Miss Rodeo America or go beyond her call of duty.

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To join the Miss Rodeo Arizona sponsor family, please use our �Contact Us� page and submit a �Become a Sponsor/Volunteer� query. MRAz, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. There are several sponsorship package options available or you can donate products or services to raise money at any of the Miss Rodeo Arizona Events.

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Join the �Friends of Miss Rodeo Arizona�

Friends of Miss Rodeo Arizona (formerly the MRAz Booster Club) is a dynamic way to stay involved in rodeo and the rodeo queen community. Your membership fees help support MRAz, Inc. and the current state titleholder! Don't miss out on your chance for:

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Please use our �Contact Us� page and submit a �Friends of Miss Rodeo Arizona � query.


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History of the Organization

The Miss Rodeo Arizona Pageant is now in its 35th year. Originally there was no specific Miss Rodeo Arizona pageant. Whoever was crowned queen at the "Rodeo of Rodeos" was supported through the Phoenix Jaycees to represent Arizona at the Miss Rodeo America pageant and the very first MRAZ was Karen Womack Vold in 1958. The annual state pageant began in 1983 when interested parties felt it was to the benefit of the rodeo committees around the state that a fair and impartial competition be held to select a queen who could represent all of the committees throughout Arizona . The winner would then be the state entry in the Miss Rodeo America pageant that year.

As the first lady of rodeo in Arizona , Miss Rodeo Arizona promotes rodeo and the western way of life. Although participation in rodeos and various queen pageants is her primary focus, Miss Rodeo Arizona also visits schools, hospitals, senior centers and other places. This enables her to share her experiences and love of rodeo and the western lifestyle with many different people, as well as potentially touch their lives in a special way.

In 1995, Miss Rodeo Arizona, Inc. (MRAz, Inc.) was incorporated and granted tax exempt status, a transition that made it possible for donors and sponsors to use their funds and merchandise as tax deductions. This gave Miss Rodeo Arizona more accessibility to assistance for her many appearances representing the Grand Canyon State . Today MRAz, Inc. is led by a seven member Board of Directors and continues to be responsible for producing the annual pageant. It also administers a scholarship funds program to award scholarships to top competitors. Throughout the year, the organization also supports the reigning queen in a variety of ways.

Miss Rodeo Arizona, Inc. is an organization of volunteers and is supported by the generosity of our Executive Board of Directors, Board of Directors, Members, Corporate Sponsors, and Individual Sponsors, all of who are so vital to our accomplishments and success. It involves many hours of service and dedication to maintain the quality that has been evident in recent years. That quality, and the commitment of young women interested in holding this title, will guarantee that MRAz, Inc. will continue to grow and bring opportunity to young women throughout the state of Arizona . The MRAz, Inc. Scholarship Funds Program is one of the most important goals in the administrative process and we encourage all royalty to further her career and educational goals.


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Who is Miss Rodeo Arizona?

Miss Rodeo Arizona symbolizes the youth of our state who wish to further promote the sport of rodeo, and in so doing, promote our western heritage. She is the ideal western American young woman, and will represent our state and the sport of rodeo as she travels throughout Arizona and the country. Miss Rodeo Arizona will represent her state at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant.

While spreading good will for her community and her state, Miss Rodeo Arizona is garnering the richest experience of her life, and is laying a solid foundation for her future. She receives gifts and donations from sponsors to assist with her expenses as she travels and promotes the great sport of rodeo.


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What Type of Young Woman Does the Miss Rodeo Arizona Competition Attract?

•  The young woman who wishes to be a leader in her community, and further promote the western way of life.

•  The young woman who loves horses and everything they represent, and who wants to show the rest of the world what can be accomplished while surrounded by this environment.

•  The young woman who wants to act as an official representative of rodeo, portraying good sportsmanship and high moral and ethical character, and reflecting careful and humane treatment of animals. She understands the sport of rodeo in its entirety, enough to be able to explain and �sell� rodeo to anyone with whom she may come in contact, and is able to speak intelligently, with dignity and sincere interest in rodeo. She realizes that the Miss Rodeo Arizona Pageant is not a beauty pageant. However, she acts, speaks, and dresses in accordance with the prestige the title deserves.

•  The ambitious young woman who is interested in furthering her chosen career through higher education and special training.


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Pageant Basics & How to get More Information










Young ladies between the ages of 19 and 26, who have never been married or pregnant

The Miss Rodeo Arizona Pageant or �Silver Crown Showdown� is judged on three major categories: Horsemanship, Appearance and Personality. This includes a personal interview, impromptu questions, modeling, prepared speech, horsemanship patterns, interview and rodeo work.

Cave Creek , Arizona

April � in conjunction with the Cave Creek Fiesta Days Rodeo

Scholarships, Prizes, Lifelong Friends, the honor of representing Arizona, our western lifestyle and the greatest sport on earth: RODEO, plus the opportunity to compete for Miss Rodeo America in Las Vegas, Nevada - held in conjunction with the National Finals Rodeo

Contact MRAz, Inc. TODAY to reserve your contestant information packet. Packets are available starting January 2, 2009.

Nancy Smith MRAz, Inc. President:   nancy_fnthills@Hotmail.com


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